Mobile Casinos for Aussies

Modern life moves so fast that we often take many things for granted that didn’t exist a very short time ago. Mobile casinos for Australian players may be one of those things!

It seems like just yesterday that Aussies who wanted to gamble at a casino would peruse the adverts for a vacation deal to a distant land-based casino.  Then Australian casinos began to proliferate as laws were loosened; but we still had to travel to play at a casino, whether Aussie-based or abroad.  The next step was online casinos which date only from the very end of the 20th century.  At first, there were just a few online casinos, and they didn’t generally cater to Aussies. Their number grew exponentially as did their openness to the Aussie online gamer.  The convenience of playing online was so tempting that a huge percentage of Australians, and people throughout the developed world, became “overnight” online gamers.

Technology reigned; as computers became stronger, the number and complexity of games grew.  In the world of the Aussie favourite, pokies, the technology quickly brought amazing changes.  The popular fruit pokies, with three reels and a few paylines, gave way to five reel pokies and many paylines.  The fruit pokies had no real theme; but the modern five reel pokies all do, and they vie for your attention and allegiance with great graphics, animation, music, bonuses and much more for the Australian pokies punter!  But there was still one convenience lacking: mobility.  With the advent of mobile casinos for Australians, the world of casino gaming has come full circle: instead of Aussie gamers needing to travel to the casino, you can take the casino with you wherever you go!

Whether you’re on a long trans-oceanic flight for business or pleasure, or on a commuter train heading home after a busy, stressful day at work, or just waiting in another endless queue, you can get away from the workaday world and access your favourite Australian mobile casino in seconds.  Whereas your desktop or laptop computer has to boot up, your mobile casino is a simple app.

This, then, is the single greatest benefit of mobile casinos for Australians: 24-hour access.

Technological Miracle

To the uninformed it might seem obvious that as mobile devices became more widely used, casinos would become available on mobile.  That “obvious’ observation was far more easily said than done.  Mobile technology seems to take quantum leaps from one news cycle to the next!  There are so many devices, so many platforms, so many operating systems, so many degrees of resolution; it is remarkable that the leading online casinos and software developers have created mobile casinos for Aussies that are accessible to almost all Australian mobile devices.

The Parent Casino

Most mobile casinos are offshoots of well-established desktop casinos.  There are several advantages to being connected to a parent casino.  You will usually be able to use the same username and password to access both casinos.  It’s hard enough to remember one set of code words much less two.  You can seamlessly move between the PC casino and the mobile or vice versa.  For example, if you’ve been playing on mobile during a long ride and now you’re home, you can transfer to the PC casino while your mobile device is recharging and not lose a single moment’s pleasure. 

Promotions that are offered to the pc players are also offered to the mobile players.  The first promotion offered to all new Aussie casino players is the Welcome Package.  All Aussie mobile casinos that are connected to a parent casino, offer the same Welcome Package to new Aussie players as does the PC casino.  Some mobile casinos even offer a little more to the Aussie who signs up and deposits from the mobile platform.  The Welcome Package often comes in stages, so you have to read the terms and conditions carefully.  But the key point here is that you lose nothing and may even gain a little by signing up through your mobile device.

Every casino has daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal promotions.  As a mobile casino patron, you will be able to participate in all these promotions.

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Many other benefits that you may have taken for granted are available when you play on your mobile device.  These include Loyalty Points, VIP Club membership, participation in tournaments, qualification for Progressive Jackpots, and many other smaller promotions including the recurring daily, weekly, and monthly promotions mentioned above and many more.  Remember, competition is fierce in the online gaming industry, whether PC-based or mobile, and casinos are responding with ever more promotions.

Permit us one final word about promotions.  Some promotions are designed to make the big winners usually the gamers who play the most.  If you rely solely on the amount you play at your pc-based casino, you may find yourself at a serious disadvantage against stay-at-home players.  The time you have to play on your mobile device will even the chances you have of winning a nice cash or other prize in the tournament.

The Aussie Dollar

Our currency has become much more recognized and accepted in recent years especially at online casinos.  There was once a time when almost all online casinos dealt in U.S. dollars, Euro, or Pounds and everyone else had to convert from their currency to one of the Big Three.  To add to the inconvenience, the conversion was always done using the casino’s numbers not the Bank of Australia’s numbers.  Now most casinos recognize Australian dollars as a major player in the international currency market.   No longer should anyone have to play at a mobile or pc casino that doesn’t take Aussies.

All the online payment methods, credit and debit cards, vouchers, and bank transfers can be done in Australian dollars.  Finally, it is becoming commonplace for mobile and pc casinos to allow transfers through Poli, a method unknown outside Australia but perhaps the most popular money-transfer operation here in Australia.

One of the very first things you should check is whether you will be able to bank in Australian dollars and, if so, through what means.  This is truly point one in maintaining your peace of mind.


If your mobile casino is linked to a parent pc casino, it will be registered and regulated under the same auspices as the parent casino.  Your security is so important we cannot stress it enough. 

If you want to play at an unaffiliated mobile casino, check its accreditation, regulation, and integrity rating.  There are several companies that verify the integrity of games; the most commonly used is eCOGRA.  This company checks to make sure that all numbers are random, that no tricks are being used to enhance the house’s advantage, and that the at-large payouts are fair and well within industry standards.  These days, a payout rate of 96% or more is standard; anything lower is a giant red flag.

Another criterion worth you attention is support.  An affiliated mobile casino will have the same 24/7 support as the parent casino.  If you find a casino these days without 24/7 support, move on at once.  There are still casinos that won’t take your call or answer your email on the weekend.  Well, the weekend in the developed world is two full days and sometimes three.  So, a mobile casino with a parent pc casino will, in all likelihood, have 24/7 support.  The same cannot be said for unaffiliated mobile casinos.  Check them out carefully before depositing any of your own cash.

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This is also an important element in your decision as to which mobile casino to play at.  One truth that we must face is that the big software companies have produced so many casino games, in such variety, and with such artistic skill, that they have not had enough time to adapt every game to every mobile device or operating system.  The big software producers spend huge amounts of time and money adapting casino games to mobile devices but it is a huge uphill battle as the same software producers are always creating new games!

This being said, you should not settle for a mobile casino with just a few pokies, one or two blackjack games, or a minimal number of other games.  A mobile casino for Australians should have at least 30 games on offer and, better yet, more than 50 games.  There should be a choice of all the classic casino games: poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, keno, and the great Australian favourite, pokies.  The more pokies the merrier for we Aussie mobile casino players!

The mobile casino market in Australia is growing rapidly; everyone has a mobile device and most of them are online casino gamers.  So the temptation to bring out a mobile casino before it is truly ready is hard to resist.  This means that the mobile casino best suited to Australian online casino players will likely be one that is affiliated with a parent casino.

Download or Instant Play

Your mobile phone is certainly a great convenience, as is your larger tablet.  Nevertheless, wouldn’t you agree that it is a bit frustrating when they lose battery charge by the end of the day?  If you had to download the mobile casino, it would eat up even more space on your mobile device.  So, all reputable mobile casinos offer no download-instant play.  Before you start you should decide how you want to get the mobile casino onto your device.  The graphics are usually sharper with a download.  That’s also true, by the way, for pc online casinos.  But if you want to save capacity and speed, it might be worthwhile to go with instant play.  When you upgrade your mobile device, and given the rapidity with which the devices are being improved, you likely will upgrade at some point, you then may choose to download the mobile casino to your device.

Practice Mode

This is sometimes called free play.  It is the twin to the no-deposit bonus.  Essentially, you have the chance to try out the casino before depositing.  We have long advised new players to avail themselves of this important privilege when deciding on a pc casino.  Yet, it is even more important to do so when checking out mobile casinos for the reason explained above: the mobile casino may be limited in the scope and variety of games offered.  Decide that the casino you have in mind has the kinds of games you like to play.

The Downside of Mobile for Australians

Honestly, the upside of mobile casinos for Australians far outweighs any ephemeral downside. This has more to do with each person’s individual preferences than with any endemic drawback to Australian mobile casinos.

Simply review everything we’ve said:

  • Security is guaranteed if you heed our advice given above.
  • There are plenty of mobile casinos that accept Australian dollars and allow banking with Poli.
  • Aussies have plenty of spare time when they might enjoy an online game or two on their mobile device.
  • Mobile casinos for Australians feature our national favourite casino game, pokies.
  • You can conserve space on your device with instant play.
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The next great technological breakthroughs in mobile devices are already being developed.  No doubt they are closely kept secrets but when they come they will impact us all in many ways, not the least being our convenient, efficient, friendly, and fun Australian mobile casino.

Mobile Casinos for Aussies

We hope you now have a much better picture of the vast world of mobile casinos, from their technology to their intense pursuit of Aussie players and their acceptance of the Aussie dollar.

Happy punting to one and all!