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Aussies have made All Slots Online Casino one of their favorites for several reasons. One is the enormous selection of pokies offered at All Slots. Another is the great software provided by the extraordinary casino software developer Microgaming. The talented team at Microgaming provides the fullest range of casino games to satisfy every player’s taste. A third reason for All Slots’ ongoing and growing popularity is its comfortable, reliable, and extensive depositing and withdrawing system. Reason number four is security: absolute, rock-hard security. 24/7 customer service in a multitude of ways is high on everyone’s list. Finally, we get to bonuses, promotions, and progressive jackpots of which there are many.

These are the chapter headings why Aussies love All Slots Online Casino. Now, let’s get to the details.

Aussie Dollar is Welcome

Beginning in April 2014, All Slots Online Casino now accepts Australian Dollars. Aussies who are just finding out about All Slots can enjoy the excellent Welcome Package. This is actually a set of bonuses totaling $1630.

Welcome Package

When you register, and before you deposit any money, All Slots credits your account with $5. This is a small gesture, to be sure, but it gives new players the chance to enter the casino, go from game to game, try their skill and luck at the more than 500 gaming choices, and experience the vast wealth of gaming pleasure they can have at All Slots. These few dollars convince almost every newbie to make his or her first deposit. With that deposit, All Slots credits your account with an additional $10 plus a matching bonus of 100% up to a maximum of $250. When you deposit again you receive a matching bonus of 100% up to $250 plus another extra $15. The matching bonus for your third deposit is 50% up to $500 and All Slots matches your fourth deposit by 50% up to $600.


Hopefully, when you registered and got $5 from All Slots, you “walked around” the casino trying out as much as you could. All Slots has a collection of more than 200 pokies for your enjoyment. If you are one of the rare Aussies who has never played a pokies, here is a quick overview. Pokies have symbols that are fixed onto reels. Most pokies have 5 reels. When you click on the play button, the reels begin to spin. Usually there is background music to help you feel the mood being generated by the pokies. The reels stop spinning in a few seconds and the configuration of the symbols determines if you have won or lost and, if you have won, how much.

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You may ask: “Why do we need so many different pokies if they are basically the same: spin, stop, win or lose? The answer is that pokies players love the variety they can have with over 200 pokies and they also love the many different moods that pokies can create. There are pokies for every theme: adventure, romance, danger, intrigue, and many more. The different symbols used in any given pokies reflect its theme. The graphics, animation, artistry, and music all add to the mood and enhance players’ enjoyment. Microgaming is famed for its realistic graphics and animation. This is especially true in the pokies based on hit television series or movies. Mocrogaming also has pokies with decidedly Australian themes such as Big Red Pokies which is based on a walkabout in the Simpson Desert.

Many pokies have 243 ways to win! There are special symbols that act as wild cards. The function of the wilds may differ from game to game but wilds are always good! Other symbols are called scatters. They have special functions which also vary from pokies to pokies. The wilds and the scatters determine whether you go to the bonus area. It’s always good to get to the bonus area because that’s where the biggest payouts are short of the progressive jackpots.

Video Poker

All Slots Online Casino has more than 50 variations of video poker games. Video poker games are basically five-card draw. After you make your wager you click on “deal” and you are dealt five cards. Now you must decide which cards to hold and which to discard. Here we have an area of confusion to avoid: players too often think about which cards to discard and choose accordingly. But the video poker game is designed to respond to the cards you want to keep. So click on the cards you want to keep. The discarded cards will automatically be replaced by new cards. Some five-card draw players remember two rules that don’t apply here: Rule number 1: you can take four cards only if you have an ace. In video poker you can take four cards any time! Rule number two: the maximum number of cards you can take is four. In video poker you can take five cards whenever you choose to. This last rule is very important. For example, if you are playing tens or better and you don’t have at least a pair of tens and none of your five cards is a ten, you should discard all of them.

All Slots Online Casino offers two progressive jackpots for video poker. You have to be very lucky to win one, but if you are there is a massive payout awaiting you!

In video slots you can go double-or-nothing. This is a one-card gamble in which you play against the house. If your card is higher than the house’s card, your winning hand is doubled.

Some video poker games have a wild card. The most famous such game is Deuces  Wild but it is not the only one.


Poker may very well be the most famous game in the world. Rare is the adult who has never played poker! All Slots has several poker variations. Let’s review a few of them:

3-card poker is two games that you can play simultaneously or separately. The first game is a simple 3-card deal. If you have a pair or better you win; if not you lose. The second variation of three-card poker is played against the dealer. Both you and the dealer receive three cards but the dealer’s cards are face down. You have to decide whether to fold and lose your bet or play and double your bet. If you play, the higher hand wins.

Pai-Gow is a seven-card game you play against the dealer. Yours and the dealer’s best 5-card high hand and best 5-card low hand are selected. If you win both the high and the low hand, you win the bet. If the dealer wins both, you lose the bet. If you win one and the dealer wins one, it’s a tie.

Cyberstud Poker has two stages. First, you place an ante and receive five cards. The dealer gets one card. If you decide to fold, you lose your ante. If you decide to play, you double your ante and the dealer gets four more cards. The dealer must have at least ace-king to qualify. If dealer doesn’t have at least ace-king you win. It dealer qualifies, the hands are compared and the better hand wins.

Cyberstud poker is also offered as a progressive jackpot guaranteeing much whooping and hollering by the winners.


All Slots Online Casino has more than 40 variations of blackjack. However, the basics of blackjack, while a bit complex, are standard. Players who love blackjack do so because of its complexity and because really good play by the player reduces the house’s advantage to near zero.

The idea for the player is to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over. This is called “to bust” and it is the primary area where the house has the advantage. Players go first so they must know when to “stick”, meaning to take no more cards.

Dealer must take cards until he hits 21 exactly, busts, or reaches 17-20 points. If the player sticks and dealer busts, the player wins.

Players have several other options at their disposal. One is splitting pairs. The rules for splitting vary from game to game but essentially, the player splits his pair and now plays two hands instead of one.

Doubling down means the player doubles her bet and receives one card only. This is a good bet when the player has 10 or 11 points.

With more than forty types of blackjack there are slightly different rules for each game. Read them carefully before playing this magnificent casino game.


All Slots offers seven different roulette games. The basics of roulette are the same for all the variations. Players bet on a number, a set of numbers, a color, or on odds or evens. When all bets are placed the croupier spins the roulette wheel and the ball swings across the numbers. When the ball settles into a slot, the winners are immediately determined.

Roulette is considered the King of casino games by many purists. It is where the high rollers of the past, dressed in tuxedos or evening gowns, placed their bets with nary a care in the world for the outcome. It was the atmosphere around the table that drew those players to roulette.

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And More

All Slots offers a slew of other famous casino games including Craps, Baccarat, Sic Bo, and Red Dog. Craps and Baccarat are honored games from the by-gone days when players dressed to the nines just to enter a brick and mortar casino.

All Slots doesn’t settle for even this all-star lineup of games. They also offer 7 variations of online bingo, plus keno, scratch cards, and lottery-style games. These latter deserve special mention. In some ways, the lottery games are the most fun to play. Microgaming definitely had its corporate tongue in its cheek when it came up with these games. The animation and sound are so much fun that players go to them for a timeout when they feel like being kids again!

Live Dealer

Many players love the interactions available at the live online casino.  Here, with the help of your online connection, you can play baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and poker with real, live dealers.

Progressive Jackpots

There are more than 20 games that offer progressive jackpots. The entire Microgaming network takes part in the progressive jackpots so they sometimes reach 7 figures.


This Holiday Season you can participate in the $300,000 Holiday Magic promotion. Holiday Magic is a perfect example of how Microgaming imaginatively puts together a promotion. This is the season for giving and All Slots Online Casino is giving away bonus money. To qualify you merely have to play. The Holiday Magic Giveaway appears randomly on your screen. When it does, your next wager becomes a randomly determined bonus gift.

Loyalty Club

The Loyalty Club is an ongoing promotion in which you get cash back for money wagered. Even if you win, you get money back through the Loyalty Club! For every $10 wagered you get one Loyalty Point. When you have 1000 Loyalty Points, you can cash them in at the rate of $10 per 1000 points. Remember, the points accumulate for all wagers including winning ones!

There are five tiers in the Loyalty Program. The more you play, the more Loyalty Points you accumulate and the higher you go in the Loyalty Program.

VIP Club

Players who advance through the five levels of the Loyalty Program become members of the VIP Club. Here you can enjoy extraordinary gifts and promotions designed just for you.


All Slots offers many different banking options to suit the personal preference of every player. No matter how you bank at All Slots be aware that your money and your personal information are protected behind the most sophisticated digital security system available.


All Slots has 24/7 support via live chat, email, or telephone. There is a separate toll-free number for Aussie online casino players.

Serving Every Need

All Slots Online Casino is also available on mobile. Microgaming has produced software that is compatible with almost any smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. It is no wonder that All Slots has earned the allegiance of millions of online casino gamers in Australia and worldwide.