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PROGRAM EDUCATION SPONSOR "Limited Availability"   $5,000/each 

Speak at CTC!  A concurrent education session (one hour) provides your company with the opportunity to discuss any specific products/services you provide.  Session scheduling is at the discretion of CTC show management and will be determined within one month of the conference.  You must be a CTC exhibitor to participate.


These 30-minute interactive sessions are set-up in theaters on the show floor.  Each theater seats 50 people and includes standard audio visual equipment (i.e., screen, LCD projector, microphones, sound system).  There is no limit on how many sessions can be purchased.  You must be a CTC exhibitor to participate. E-mail Stacey Smith to reserve your showcase(s)!


Go Green!  Every conference attendee will be provided with a water bottle to use throughout the show to replenish.  Water stations will be located throughout the conference areas to easily refuel.  Signage at each station will promote sponsor.  Water bottles will include both CTC and sponsor logos.


Every conference attendee must wear a name badge throughout the show.  Have your company logo worn by every conference participant.  Lanyard will have CTC and sponsor logos printed.


What is a technology conference without wireless internet?  Conference attendees will have access to WiFi throughout the conference areas.  Every attendee will view a special landing page with sponsor's logo in order to access the complimentary service.


After a great first day kick-off to CTC, attendees will enter the exhibit hall for the first time.  Provide conference attendees with complimentary spirits to kick off the CTC Exhibit Show!  Company-supplied sign, napkins, cups, huggies, etc. can be placed/distributed at bar.  Bar can be strategically located close to sponsor's booth or inside booth (space permitting).


It's the last morning of CTC!  Fuel up for the day in the exhibit hall with an extraordinary breakfast before the hall closes.  A variety of breakfast stations are offered.  Please inquire for further details and a sponsorship package can be designed specifically for you.


Provide attendees with a relaxing massage break.  A variety of location options are available.  Attendees can recharge at the Wellness Massage Lounge.  Professional Massage Therapists provide an upper body massage on professional massage chairs.  Sponsor can be creative by having attendees stop by your booth to obtain a coupon for a massage.  If booth size permits, massage station can be set-up inside booth.

*Booth Package Includes: 
  • 8’ blue & white backwall drape, 3’ blue side dividers, 7”x44” identification sign. 
  • Four (4) exhibit staff badges – includes reception (Tues), Lunch (Wed), Breakfast (Thurs), and access to education sessions.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Service 
  • One Complimentary Lead Retrieval Smartmobile app. Additional equipment available for rent. 
  • Electronic Pre- and Post-Show Attendee Lists 
  • Daily aisle maintenance.
  • 24-hour security in exhibit hall. 
  • Company listing on conference website. 
  • Ability to participate in Solution Showcases.
Does not include:
  • Furniture (i.e., table, chairs, etc.)
  • Carpet – show management does require your booth to have carpet or some type of floor covering
  • Electricity

For additional information, please contact Stacey Smith, Exhibit Manager at ssmith@ncsc.org  or (757) 259-1816.